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Bernese puppies for sale

As the title says, yes we are a kennel and we sell Bernese puppies all around the world, especially in Mexico (as we are located in Guadalajara, Jalisco). So in this article we will tell you all the characteristics of the personality in the Bernese breed.

1) They are very affectionate, within their puppy brothers and sisters and of course their owners.

2) Very intelligent, they may not seem that intelligent because of how funny they are but they can learn a lot of commands and they can be trained to be with handicap people and help them with lots of chores

3) A true lapdog, they WON´T need the big yard or huge ranch (of course they would enjoy it), what they will truly love is to be next to you and be your companion wherever you go.

We could continue with the list, and we will leave it up until here, feel free to call us and to check our website out so you can learn more about this absolutely lovely breed.

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